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Since 2016, VZtec has been a company focused on the design and development of technology for musicians.

From footswitches and MIDI controllers to audio effects and plugins, VZtec is constantly striving to develop powerful tools of the highest quality with a distinct imprint.

From Buenos Aires to all of Argentina and the world.

Logo malibu

This is a plugin that digitally replicates the reverb-tremolo pedal Malibu from the Singletone brand. This tool allows you not only to incorporate the characteristic audio of the Malibu into your productions but also to remotely test the pedal from your home or studio.

The plugin has two modes of operation. The Original mode includes all the functionality as well as the characteristics of analog audio. The Extended mode offers extended functions typical of the digital world such as stereo input and output, zero noise floor, zero harmonic distortion, presets, and more.

Developed entirely in Argentina by VZtec in collaboration with Singletone, this plugin represents a true milestone in the industry, an analog audio effect with its respective digital twin.

  • Formats: AU, VST 2, VST 3, LV2, CLAP

  • Operating Systems: Windows, MacOS, Linux

  • Price: Free

V2 OVER.png

The VZtec OVERDRIVE is a hybrid of several classic drive circuits equipped with super flexible equalization and gain options.

It is a pedal that offers a wide range of colors ranging from wide and transparent tones to tones with punchy midrange typical of a screamer, and from clean booster-type tones to tones with gain and distortion-type compression.

At the end of the circuit is a powerful bass and treble EQ that allows you to quickly shape the audio to suit different guitar, guitarist, pedal and amp combinations.

Se trata de un overdrive con un gran rango de colores posibles, lleno de sutilezas y con calidad de audio VZtec

  • The voice control defines the base color of the pedal, offering both wide, transparent tones and tones with the punchy midrange typical of a screamer.

  • The stack control activates a second stage of hard clipping type overdrive, like stacking two drive pedals, but all in the same pedal.

  • The treble and bass controls allow you to shape the tone by boosting or attenuating highs and lows.

  • True Bypass system with extra soft switch (soft-touch).

Power: 9VDC (direct current). Jack 2.1mm (center negative).

Current draw: 50mA

Dimensions: 80mm x 120mm x 50mm (h) (height includes switches)

Weight: 500g

V2 FUZZ.png

The VZtec FUZZ is a retro-futuristic interpretation of classic fuzz pedals. Equipped with silicon transistors , the effect core offers a wide spectrum of distorted tones followed by a powerful EQ circuit that allows you to shape the audio for precise instrument, pedal and amp compatibility .

This is a modern fuzz that remains stable and controllable at all times. In its versatility, it offers both punchy audios that cut into the mix as well as heavy, full-bodied audios. It also responds organically to changes in volume in the instrument. Due to these qualities, the FUZZ from VZtec becomes an ideal ally for your set.

  • Oct engages Octafuzz mode, a frequency-doubling circuit that also increases gain on the upper harmonics, delivering sharp, punchy tones that cut through the mix.

  • Voice toggles between Face or Muff (mid scoop) tones

  • Buffered output to stabilize the signal in the chain

  • Powerful tilt-EQ tone control to hit the sweet spot of bass and treble

  • The Bias control modifies the texture of the effect, delivering from open tones to broken sounds with a lot of gate, almost pixelated.

  • True Bypass system with extra smooth switch (soft-touch)

Power supply : 9VDC (direct current). Jack 2.1mm (negative to the center).

Current draw: 50mA

Dimensions : 80mm x 120mm x 50mm (h) (height includes switches)

Weight : 500g

DUAL 1.png

The VZtec Dual Control is a small yet powerful MIDI foot controller with a wide range of possible applications: PC software, multi-effects processors, keyboards, samplers, amplifiers, consoles, or any device that supports MIDI control.

Its interface is super minimalist and consists only of two switches and a display. The controller setup is done from a PC via the USB port using the Dual Control Manager application.

The USB connection is also used to establish bidirectional MIDI communication with any supporting application and to provide power to the controller.

Additionally, it offers MIDI output through the DIN 5 port and power via a 2.1mm plug. This makes the Dual Control particularly suitable for MIDI control situations with or without a computer.

  • Switches: 2 x SPST soft-click normally open

  • Display: 4 x high-brightness red 7-segment digits

  • Presets: 60

  • MIDI OUT: DIN-5 180º

  • MIDI IN and OUT: USB-B. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. No additional drivers are needed.

  • Power: 9VDC (direct current). Jack 2.1mm (center negative) or USB-B connection.

  • Current draw: 100mA

  • Dimensions: 111mm x 55mm x 50mm (h) (height includes switches)


The VZtec FS-2P is a 2-button passive footswitch ideal for controlling pedals and amps. Depending on the user's requirement, different connections and switch types are offered to suit different applications.

  • Buttons with or without retention

  • Normal Open or Normal Closed Polarity

  • Support for various control specifications (Strymon, Eventide, Boss, Line 6, TC electronics)

  • TRS cable included

Dimensions : 55 x 110 x 48 (mm) Height includes switches.

Weight : 300g

Connector : TRS 6.35mm (stereo plug)

FS2P FOTO 1.png
FS3 2.png

The VZtec FS-3P is a 3-button passive footswitch ideal for controlling digital pedals . Depending on the user's requirement, different connections and switch types are offered to suit different applications.

  • Buttons with or without retention

  • Normal Open or Normal Closed Polarity

  • Compatibility with the different control specifications (Strymon, Eventide, TC electronics, Digitech, Morningstar, etc)

  • TRS cable included

Dimensions : 55 x 191 x 48 (mm) Height includes switches.

Weight : 450g

Connector : TRS 6.35mm (stereo plug)



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