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The VZtec Dual Control is a small yet powerful MIDI foot controller with a wide range of possible applications: PC software, multi-effects processors, keyboards, samplers, amplifiers, consoles, or any device that supports MIDI control.

Its interface is super minimalist and consists only of two switches and a display. The controller setup is done from a PC via the USB port using the Dual Control Manager application.

The USB connection is also used to establish bidirectional MIDI communication with any supporting application and to provide power to the controller.

Additionally, it offers MIDI output through the DIN 5 port and power via a 2.1mm plug. This makes the Dual Control particularly suitable for MIDI control situations with or without a computer.

  • Switches: 2 x SPST soft-click normally open

  • Display: 4 x high-brightness red 7-segment digits

  • Presets: 60

  • MIDI OUT: DIN-5 180º

  • MIDI IN and OUT: USB-B. Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. No additional drivers are needed.

  • Power: 9VDC (direct current). Jack 2.1mm (center negative) or USB-B connection.

  • Current draw: 100mA

  • Dimensions: 111mm x 55mm x 50mm (h) (height includes switches)

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