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VZtec Dual Control  is a powerful little MIDI foot controller with a  wide spectrum of possible applications: PC software, multi-effects processors, keyboards, samplers, amplifiers, consoles or any device that supports MIDI control.

It's interface is super minimalist and it consists of only two switches and a display. The  controller configuration is done from a PC via the USB port using the Dual Control Manager application.

The USB connection  is also used to establish  bidirectional MIDI communication with any application that supports it and to provide power to the controller. Additionally it offers MIDI output through DIN 5 port and power via plug 2.1mm. In this way the Dual Control is especially suitable for MIDI control situations with or without a computer.

The Dual Control switches can be configured to perform various actions such as:


  • Send up to 8 Channel Voice type messages simultaneously.

  • Send user-specified System Exclusive messages.

  • Send Beat Clock messages with Tap Tempo.

  • Simultaneously send up to 8 ADSR curves associated with independent messages and ranges.

  • Repeatedly sending the ADSR ramp generating a low frequency oscillator (LFO) of MIDI messages.


Switches : 2 x SPST softclick normal open

Display : 4 x 7-segment digit red high brightness

Presets : 60

MIDI OUT : DIN-5 180º

MIDI IN and OUT : USB-B. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. No additional drivers are required.  

Power supply : 9VDC (direct current). 2.1mm jack (center negative) or USB-B connection.

Consumption : 100mA

Dimensions : 111mm x 55mm x 50mm (h) (height includes switches)

Weight : 500g

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