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The VZtec FUZZ is a retro-futuristic interpretation of classic fuzz pedals. Equipped with silicon transistors , the effect core offers a wide spectrum of distorted tones followed by a powerful EQ circuit that allows you to shape the audio for precise instrument, pedal and amp compatibility .

This is a modern fuzz that remains stable and controllable at all times. In its versatility, it offers both punchy audios that cut into the mix as well as heavy, full-bodied audios. It also responds organically to changes in volume in the instrument. Due to these qualities, the FUZZ from VZtec becomes an ideal ally for your set.


  • Octafuzz mode, a frequency doubling circuit that also increases the gain on the upper harmonics delivering sharp, penetrating tones that cut through the mix.

  • FAT mode for extra bass (+ 8dB).

  • Buffered output to stabilize the signal in the chain.

  • Powerful mid control, from mid-scoop (-12dB) to mid-boost (+ 12dB).

  • The BIAS control modifies the texture of the effect, delivering from open tones to broken sounds with a lot of gate, almost pixelated.

  • True Bypass system with extra soft switch (soft-touch).


Power supply : 9VDC (direct current). Jack 2.1mm (negative to the center).

Consumption : 50mA

Dimensions : 80mm x 120mm x 50mm (h) (height includes switches)

Weight : 500g

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