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The VZtec OVERDRIVE is a hybrid of several classic drive circuits equipped with super flexible equalization and gain options.

It is a pedal that offers a wide range of colors ranging from wide and transparent tones to tones with punchy midrange typical of a screamer, and from clean booster-type tones to tones with gain and distortion-type compression.

At the end of the circuit is a powerful bass and treble EQ that allows you to quickly shape the audio to suit different guitar, guitarist, pedal and amp combinations.

Se trata de un overdrive con un gran rango de colores posibles, lleno de sutilezas y con calidad de audio VZtec

  • The voice control defines the base color of the pedal, offering both wide, transparent tones and tones with the punchy midrange typical of a screamer.

  • The stack control activates a second stage of hard clipping type overdrive, like stacking two drive pedals, but all in the same pedal.

  • The treble and bass controls allow you to shape the tone by boosting or attenuating highs and lows.

  • True Bypass system with extra soft switch (soft-touch).

Power: 9VDC (direct current). Jack 2.1mm (center negative).

Current draw: 50mA

Dimensions: 80mm x 120mm x 50mm (h) (height includes switches)

Weight: 500g

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