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The OVERDRIVE of VZtec is a hybrid of various classic drive circuits equipped with super flexible EQ and gain options.
It is a pedal that offers a wide range of colors ranging from wide and transparent tones  up to sharp mids tones typical of a screamer, and from clean booster  to gain and compression known as distortion.

At the end of the circuit there is a powerful equalizer with bass and treble controls that allows a quick audio reshape to suit different combinations of guitar, guitarist, pedals and amplifier.
It is an overdrive with a wide range of possible colors, full of subtleties and with VZtec audio quality

  • The voice control defines the base color of the pedal, offering both wide and transparent tones and sharp mids typical of a screamer.

  • The stack control activates a second stage of hard clipping overdrive, like stacking two drive pedals, but all on the same pedal.

  • Treble and bass controls allow you to shape the tone by boosting or cuting treble and bass.

  • True Bypass system with extra smooth switch (soft-touch).


Feeding: 9VDC (direct current). Jack 2.1mm (center negative).

Consumption: 50mA

Dimensions: 80mm x 120mm x 50mm (h) (height includes switches)

Weight: 500g

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